Social Media Specialist

Fulltime / INDONESIA
We are looking for you who are detail-oriented, passionate, and eager to grow with us. You will be focusing on copy/content writing, content planning, and overseeing social media campaigns. If you are a committed and passionate individual in digital marketing and looking for a place to learn in this face-paced industry, apply now!
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KOL Specialist

Fulltime / INDONESIA

We are looking for a digitally savvy and experienced digital marketer to strengthen our relations with the Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and execute our social media strategies. You will be responsible to strategize and manage the KOL as part of our growth strategy for our clients. Work with top influencers and creative minds within the team, remotely from the comfort of your home.
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Graphic Designer Intern


Are you a student looking for an awesome opportunity? Join us to build and grow world-class brands with a team of creative thinkers and expert designers.We’re a forward-thinking growth partner looking for a talented and knowledgeable intern with fresh, creative ideas and an excellent eye for detail.
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Content Creator Intern

INTERNSHIP / indonesia

Are you a student/fresh graduate who is passionate about creating quality content on social media? Join us to build and grow world-class brands with a team of creative thinkers and expert designers.We’re a global agency looking for a talented and knowledgeable intern with fresh, creative ideas and an excellent eye for detail.
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Data-Driven Creativity 💫

We live by the mantra “ideas with authority” where the synergy between technology and human creativity is the heart and soul of what we all do

After all, the data and information we gathered are analysed and interpreted so we can develop the best strategies optimised by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and marketing automation to make informed decisions.

As much as we want to be precise, we’re not scared to try and experiment with crazy, out-of-the-box ideas while also being on-trend and up-to-date as much as we can.

Self-Initiative ✋

Our work culture centres around this Aristotelian concept where “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” What that means is that every individual milestone is a building block of collective success.

Each and every Bloomer knows their role and responsibilities by heart so they have that high degree of initiative and drive to help the team accomplish its collective goals in order to achieve the client’s objectives.

It’s not just the big picture, everyone also pays attention to the minute details of every project in order to deliver the best quality work. It has to be planned and calculated through detailed work plans and timetables.

However, there’s no needless micromanagement and hierarchical bureaucracy in our team as every individual accomplishment should fit well in the greater scheme of our collective effort to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Open Collaboration 🏓

We have a unique work environment that allows us to brainstorm and collaborate with everyone wherever they are thereby allowing us to provide the most viable solutions. It also allows us to communicate and align with our teams, clients, and partners on a regular basis anywhere in the world.

It is that continuous learning that drives everyone to become better at what they do and versatile enough to do things they have never done before. That’s the beauty of open collaboration, it binds Bloomers together even with the great cultural and personal differences that separate each other.

Adaptability 💡

Our data-driven approach encourages everyone in our team to analyse and learn from our processes so we can make all the necessary adjustments to optimise the way we work.

We set benchmarks and challenge ourselves to achieve targets and beat expectations in order to keep us at the top of our game. It’s all about knowing the value of continuous learning driven by a culture of sharing and learning from each other.

As much as we gear towards achieving growth, we also embrace change because we can’t be doing the same thing over and over again.

We strive to meet growing demands and shifting priorities in order to provide value-for-money service while also meeting established standards and best practices.

Effective Communication 🤙

As our team is made up of a diverse group of creative professionals from Jakarta to Brisbane, effective communication makes it easier for us to make decisions, foster teamwork, and collaborate.

We value individuals who can speak their minds and turn these ideas into actionable outcomes.