We are a diverse group of professionals unified in a unique team culture with creative thinkers and passionate doers.

We remove obstacles, clear boundaries, and blur out the lines that prevent us and our partners to flourish, thrive, and scale.


Ben Lightfoot


Ben has more than 25 years of experience in the global stage of marketing, advertising and communications, from New Zealand, Australia, New York, London, Paris, Singapore, to Indonesia. With his invaluable experience in leading digital transformation of international brands, he’s now pioneering a new wave of data-driven marketing with Ka-bloom.love.

Dea Mariska Febriani


She is the glue that sticks this family together. Her job is to make sure everyone in the team is happy and everything is in order. She leads the team to move towards the vision, to disrupt the norms through explosive data-driven marketing.

Zaky Abdullatif

Data Scientist

A former Business Analyst and IT Consultant with a Master's degree in Business Administration and Management, he is able to see data from multiple perspectives and gain unique insights to formulate strategic decisions in marketing to scale up businesses.

Andi Sasmita

Project Manager

He is the one who is across everything. He keeps things organized and makes sure our team delivers the work to the highest quality. He has managed our projects with care to ensure we hit the milestones on time.

Amber Dries

Client Manager

Amber is here to take care of you. She makes sure we fulfill all of your needs and requirements. Her understanding of marketing, attention to detail, and great communication skills are critical to our team success, which drive your success as a business too!

Michel Conlon

Office Manager

Michel is the mother of the office. She creates the right environment, takes care of everyone, and makes sure we have everything we need to be able to work well. Not only that, she also pays attention to our clients to ensure they have everything they need as well.

Ellyhan Lia

Social Media Manager

From planning social media content to facilitating KOL, Lia can do you wonders! She can even operate your marketing automation tools and develop great websites. She is at the heart of the Ka-Bloom super team.

Innovat Rachmana

Social Media & KOL Specialist

She is the one who manages everything from online events to social media administration. Her passion to learn brings her to various expertise in digital marketing, including ad operations, CRM, and KOL management.

Rievan Harrya

Creative Director

Rievan is a versatile, award-winning creative director with more than 10 years of experience in the digital creative industry. He understands how creativity relates to marketing success and delivers out-of-the-box creative assets to help you grow your business with style.


Art Director

Give anything to Budi and he can make it visually awesome! Budi has such skills of design that you only find in one out of a million people. He drives business growth through beautiful website design, social media posts, illustration, and any kind of graphics you need.

Ranggi Deindra

Creative Strategist

Do you need ideas for your social media campaign? Or brand strategy for your business? Any kind of creative strategy, Ranggi can help you. He has helped our clients successfully build their brand through unique strategies and appealing visuals.

A Sayyidina Habibina

Graphic Designer

He studied physics for his bachelor’s and master’s degree, yet he loves art so much that he pivoted to graphic design! If that doesn’t tell you passion, nothing will. He now has the expertise to create wonderful designs that can drive your business.

JP Canonigo


JP is our creative, tech-savvy and out-of-the-box online content professional with more than 15 years of extensive experience. He specializes in content creation, curation and syndication, search optimization, and social media marketing.



Performance Marketing Specialist

Fulltime / Jakarta
In this role, you will be accountable to execute our clients’ digital strategy, nurture strategy, look after the media buying, channel planning, creating the growth strategies and growth journeys for their success
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Growth Strategist

Fulltime / Jakarta

Your main responsibility is creating the marketing strategy. You will play a critical role to drive our clients’ growth through our digital projects including the campaign planning, execution, as well as the research, analyses, and estimations on the performance and profitability of those campaigns.
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Full Stack Developer

Fulltime / Jakarta

A Full Stack Developer will be responsible for our clients’ platform development, both the front and the back ends, which includes designing user interactions, developing servers and databases for website functionality and coding for mobile platforms.
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